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We are producers and suppliers of activated carbon, activated coke and filter carbon and offer a large range of powdered, granular and extruded carbons, both as off-the-shelf products and customized solutions for air, gas and water purification tasks. Our expertise and know-how in process technologies enable us to develop a diverse array of products from sorbents we acquire worldwide and from regenerated raw materials all yielding considerable cost savings for a variety of applications.
• Products for gas cleaning
• Products for water purification
• Special carbons


We supply granular, powder and filter-carbon products based on activated carbon and coke. Our services include breaking, grinding, mixing, sieving and packing of carbon products into sacks, Big Bags and containers. The product is delivered to you in the format and packing that you specify.
• Production
• Regeneration
• Lab
• Packing
• Transport


Our consulting services focus on the areas of gas treatment, adsorption, activated carbon and sorbent products. The main area of application is the adsorptive removal of PCDD/F and heavy metals.
• Process technology consultancy
• Process optimization
• Process concepts
• Engineering
• Approval planning
• Expert opinions on fire & explosion prevention
• Assistance in field trials

Welcome to Carbon Service & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG!

The specialists at CSC can count on long experience in the use of carbon-based adsorbent materials in a wide range of technical, environment-protection applications. They have made a considerable contribution to the implementation of the technologies concerned, and have therefore set various benchmarks in this respect. Using this wide experience as a basis, they are able to offer you valuable support and advice in the implementing and optimization of your cleaning procedures, while supplying suitable, high-performance adsorbent products designed for this purpose.
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