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    The market and customer requirements surrounding activated carbons are complex. Back when the company was founded, we therefore developed a service encompassing all aspects of activated carbon. This puts us in the position of being able to offer precisely-tailored solutions for your requirements:

    As well as the supply of activated carbon, we offer you the facility of taking back the spent activated carbon for regeneration.


    For this purpose, we have been operating a regeneration plant for spent activated carbons at our production site in Vettweiss since 2011. This plant allows us to process, for subsequent reuse, a wide range of the granular and extruded carbons used in the very diverse areas of water purification, flue gas treatment and other industrial and/or chemical processes.


    The recycling of activated carbon relies on a unique desorption process we have developed which is designed to recover the original adsorption capabilities of the carbon. This allows us to complete the cycle within the meaning of the Circular Economy Act, while also making a sustainable contribution to the protection of our environment and the conservation of valuable resources.


    9.500 tons spent carbons recycled per year
    > 16.000 tons of CO2 saved per year

    We are therefore in a position to take back contaminated activated carbon for regeneration as well as supplying new activated carbon. This ability offers the following advantages for you:


    • a more cost-effective and environment-friendly alternative to disposal or removal
    • the resulting regeneration products are available as raw materials for reuse


    Alongside the opportunities for supply and regeneration, we also offer a full service and organize the entire logistics chain as well as the waste materials documentation required by law. We also assist you in the removal and installation of the activated carbon.


    Our customers use activated carbon to meet the regulatory emission limit values and expect a consistently high product quality so that they can operate their key processes without any restrictions.


    At the time when the company was founded, we therefore invested in the corresponding laboratory facilities. Thus, we now have access to a modern laboratory specializing in the analysis of activated carbon and staffed by a specially trained team.


    Our laboratory team supports us in the:


    • daily monitoring of our production and product qualities
    • monitoring of regulatory constraints and statutory obligations relating to waste materials
    • characterization of activated carbons
    • development and improvement of our activated carbons (R&D)
    • process optimization for customers


    The following parameters form part of our standard:


    Basic analysis


    • Water content
    • Ash content
    • Volatile matter content
    • Sulfur content
    • Heavy metals
    • Chlorine content
    • Grain size distribution
    • Abrasion resistance
    • Density determination (bulk density, vibrated density)


    Adsorption figures


    • Area meters, BET (inner surface), pore volumes, pore radius distribution
    • Iodine number
    • Molasses content
    • Methyl blue value


    Safety figures


    • combustion factor
    • Self ignition temperature




    • Elution behavior
    • pH value
    • Photometry, including the UV range
    • Specialized waste water analysis – particularly DOC, COD and elimination of SAK254nm

    Other parameters on request.
    Our laboratory is also available for the analysis requirements of external companies/organizations as well as assistance and supervision of measurement and/or field trial programs.

    Our site with 28,000 m² of factory space and 28 silos ensures a reliable and rapid supply of activated carbon.


    As well as securing reliability of supply, the ability to offer a high level of flexibility with regard to delivery and packaging formats is also important for us. Depending on customer-specific requirements, we package and supply our activated carbons in ...


    • Silo trucks (single compartment or multi-compartment trucks containing up to three compartments)
    • Small containers
    • Big Bags
    • Sacks (small bags)


    We maintain the corresponding stock levels for the various market segments, thus achieving excellent availability and short delivery times all year round.

    If activated carbon has reached the end of its service life it needs to be replaced, particularly if it has been used in moving and fixed bed adsorbers. We are happy to support you at this time and offer the following services for this purpose:


    Mobile adsorbers


    Activated carbon exchange service at our site in Vettweiss

    • Collection and return of the mobile adsorber
    • Removal and installation of the activated carbon
    • Recycling of the contaminated activated carbon (subject to clearance under waste legislation)


    Stationary adsorbers


     Activated carbon exchange at your site

    • This requires case by case consideration of local constraints, accessibility, adsorber size, recycling of the spent carbon, etc. first
    • Removal and installation of the activated carbon
    • Recycling of the contaminated activated carbon (subject to clearance under legislation on waste products)


    Our staff have extensive experience of the use of carbon containing adsorbents. They particularly receive regular training on dealing with contaminated activated carbons, thus ensuring professional and safe handling.

    “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” - this is exactly why we developed our mobile powdered activated carbon dosing facilities which we make available to you for tests using our activated carbons.


    The main tests involve product and process optimization (e.g. the reduction of mercury emissions). These tests are supported by our know-how and special laboratory investigations.


    The local constraints for undertaking trials of this nature are very varied and customer-specific, meaning that each one has to be considered on its own merits. If you are interested in leasing a dosing facility, please contact our Sales Department.


    Do you have a specific question? 

    We look forward to hearing from you.