Activated carbons are not mere commodities for us; as well as supplying our various products, we are available to our customers as a specialist advisor on all matters relating to activated carbons. We are able to offer this service thanks to our team with their extensive experience and industry-specific know-how of this subject and also have access to an activated carbon laboratory equipped with all the latest equipment for further support in our consultancy work.


“Which activated carbon is the right one for my process?”

We are happy to listen to our customers and understand the technical constraints so that we can use this knowledge as the basis for our suggestions on effective adsorbents. And as a consultation of this nature is frequently the starting point for our collaboration, the first “C” in our company name ought to stand for “Consulting”.

What else can we offer?

Our consulting services focus on the areas of gas and effluent treatment, adsorption, activated carbon, chemisorption, carbons, and sorbent products. We offer our customers:

  • Process technology consulting
  • Process optimization
  • Process concepts
  • Engineering
  • Approval planning
  • Expert reports on fire and explosion prevention
  • Assistance in field trials

Do you have a specific question? 

We look forward to hearing from you.