We are constantly developing our company and our products - now it was our website's turn!

And in the course of redesigning our website, we once fundamentally dealt with our corporate design.

We quickly came to the conclusion that the previous black-grey-white appearance should be given a new coat of paint.


NEW LOGO – old elements in a new look

PETROL is our new black
As a color mixture of blue (clarity, trust, reliability) and green (growth, sustainability, sovereignty), petroleum reflects very well what CSC stands for:

    high focus on sustainability
    innovative products and solutions
    dynamic and reliable team

Our striking triangle with the cut-out of an activated carbon pore structure is retained as a modified, vectorized form and now recedes into the background. The letters CSC - as a short form for our company name - are therefore emphasized more clearly and larger. The color gradient from dark to light reflects a "cleaning process" customary in the industry.


NEW WEBSITE – new functions

The 1st activated carbon configurator
A special highlight is our activated carbon configurator, where interested parties and customers can "build" their own activated carbon. As a playful element, the configurator shows above all our flexibility and the variety we can represent with our deep product portfolio and our production facilities.

"Did you know?" as Blog and News section
The  technical proximity to our markets and customers is very important to us. For this reason, we regularly speak at specialist conferences and congresses and conduct our own R&D to optimize our activated carbons and customer applications. In the future we want to publish these findings as well as general company news on our website.

About us and sustainability
With the two new menu items "About us" and "Sustainability", we would like to introduce ourselves and give an overview of important milestones on the one hand, and on the other hand emphasize our sustainable corporate orientation more strongly.

In addition to an overview of open positions, we have made it much easier to upload an application. From now on, job seekers can simply upload their application via drag and drop. Done!

We are very satisfied with the result and would like to take this opportunity to thank the advertising agency some.oner for the good cooperation in the project.

We look forward to receiving feedback on our new website!

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