About us


    Company foundation


    Based on many years’ experience in the activated carbon market, Dr.-Ing. W. Esser-Schmittmann founded Carbon Service & Consulting GmbH & Co. KG in 2002. After a lengthy period working for a large industrial Group, he saw the potential offered by a flexible SME working more closely with customers and able to offer them customized solutions. From its very early days the company focused on a combination of process-specific activated carbon, a comprehensive service and technical consulting.

    Dipl.-Ing. Simone Schmitz, an expert in mixed adsorbents in flue gas cleaning, joined the company in 2003 to strengthen the management team.


    Both have been involved in the consistent growth of the company, the systematic extension of its product portfolio and production technology up to the present time.

    We were awarded the Start-up Prize of the Sparkassen financial group as early as the foundation phase of the company.



    Commissioning the first production facilities


    We found a good location and a reliable partner in the shape of the municipality of Vettweiss.

    We now produce on this site more than 20,000 tons of activated carbon a year   



    We train apprentices!


    And in this way have been laying the foundations for our company’s growth

    The trainees of that time are now in management positions. Build the future with us!



    1st prize of the AC² founders’ competition


    We were awarded the 1st prize for our continuous strong growth!



    Regeneration facility


    We have placed the circular economy and responsibility for the overall ecological performance of our products at the forefront of our company.

    In order to live up to this ambition we developed a unique regeneration facility which, for the sake of sustainability, transforms spent carbon into new and reusable activated carbon.

    „Waste materials combined with in-depth technological understanding are the raw materials of the future; mining has been superseded.“

    Our regeneration capacity is now 10,000 tons per year.



    Storage capacity extension


    Our storage space was increased by 15,000 m² to underpin first-class security of supply for our customers.



    Major investments for sustainable production


    The change of generations in our family-run business, which we are initiating with Sonja Schmittmann and Torsten Seiffert, represents an important step into the future and is also being marked by major investments in new, modern production facilities.

    Following the installation of a 750-kW photo-voltaic facility the electricity supply for our 28,000 m² production site is now very nearly self-sufficient and sustainable.