Our acitiavted carbons

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Our acitiavted carbons

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Our acitiavted carbons

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    Our activated carbons

    We offer both standard and customized activated carbons for your technical environmental applications.

    Assisted by our modern production facilities and diversified product portfolio we will work with you to find an adsorbent to help you comply efficiently and safely with your limit values for air, gas or water purification. 


    We prefer to produce our activated carbon products from wood and biogenic resources such as coconut shells as well as from regenerated materials. Where these renewable resources are still not available for technical reasons, we continue to work with coal, although in decreasing quantities.


    Alongside newly produced activated carbons we also supply recycled activated carbons, operating our own regeneration furnace for this purpose.


    Our product range includes both steam-activated and chemically activated carbons.








    In our production site we operate pulverizers for the manufacture of our powdered carbons as well as a crusher with down-stream screening and fractionating equipment for the manufacture of our granulates. These enable us to offer all the grain sizes and grinding finenesses usual in the market as well as non-standard grain sizes:

    • Granulated and agglomerated activated carbons
      e. g. mesh 8x30 / 8x14 / 4x8 / 12x30 / …
    • Powdered activated carbons
      e. g. 95 % < 90 µm; d50: 15 / 20 / 25 µm
    • Pelletized activated carbon / extruded activated carbon
      e. g. 3 und 4 mm diameter



    We offer the full range of products from weakly activated cokes through to very highly activated carbons and supply the quality needed for each specific application:

    • Innere surface (BET)
      300 – 1500 m2/g  with multimodal pore radius distribution
    • Iodine number
      300 – 1500 mg/g
    • Others
      Methyl blue, molasses content, elimination rate SAK, DOC and COD

    We check all parameters in our in-house laboratory and thus ensure a consistently high product quality.



    In order to enhance the separation performance, it is necessary in specific applications for gas and air treatment (e.g. the removal of Hg, H2S and NH3) to make use of chemisorption with impregnated activated carbons. The impregnation acts as a catalyst and/or the physical adsorption is augmented by chemisorption mechanisms. Significantly higher loads or transformation levels are achieved on the activated carbon in this way.

    Depending on the specific requirement, we impregnate the activated carbons in our own, on-site impregnation facilities with:

    • Sulfuric acid
    • Sulfur
    • Bromide salts
    • Potassium iodine
    • Phosphoric acid

    and other customer requirements on request.




    We package our activated carbons in our own facilities and can supply customized packaging as well as standard packaging. The packaging varieties customary in the market include:

    • Bulk in silo trucks
    • Containers
    • Big Bags
    • Sacks (small bags)

    As a certified specialist waste management company, we are qualified to take back your spent granulated activated carbon for regeneration. Our site at Vettweiss is equipped with a regeneration plant for this purpose.

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