We are suppliers of activated carbon, activated coke and filter carbon and offer a large range of powdered, granular and extruded carbons, both as off-the-shelf products and customized solutions for air, gas and water purification tasks.
Our expertise and know-how in process technologies enable us to develop a diverse array of products from sorbents procured worldwide as well as from regenerated raw materials all yielding considerable cost savings for a variety of applications.

Products for gas cleaning
 - Waste incineration
 - Steelworks
 - Biogas
 - Solvents and odors

Products for water purification
 - Swimming pool water
 - Waste water
 - Drinking water

Special carbons
 - Special carbons

Our experience turned to your advantage!
A combination of a wide range of products, a thorough knowledge of our field and long experience lets us find the right solution for your needs.
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Your specialist partner for activated carbon and filter carbon
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