We offer for applications in the area of biogas production – and depending on the task to be performed – the following items from the CSC range of products.

We supply specially-impregnated activated carbon products for the removal of H2S from biogas and landfill gases, which combine high efficiency and absorption capacity with specific compliance with the corresponding safety and technical standards.

In cases where the direct supply of biogas is also associated with high or fluctuating levels of NH3, we can supply specially-impregnated products designed to combat this problem.

Depending on the nature of the main individual problem, we combine these two products in cascade configuration or use them to fill a layer of an adsorber.


  • CSC activated carbon H2S-CatCh
    (for H2S removal)
  • CSC activated carbon HCKI 2.5 4Z
    (for H2S removal)
  • CSC activated carbon HCS 2.5-8
    (for NH3 removal)
As a certified specialist waste management company, we are qualified to take back spent activated carbon for regeneration. We are always happy to keep our customers informed regarding the results of subsequent analyses, for the purpose of optimizing their operations. The knowledge won in this way is vital for the economic optimization and performance evaluation of the plant systems concerned. We are glad to offer you our service of activated carbon exchange.

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